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There will always be good shows; there will always be great events, but there is NOTHING like being the first to do something, especially when do that thing successfully. Hence, you can’t imagine how proud and grateful we are that Rhyme and Reason successfully organised the VERY FIRST Broadway styled rap and spoken word musical in Nigeria – “Eversion”, and we did it in style.

After several months of meetings, planning, rehearsals and deliberations, the 15th of July came,  we saw and we conquered. In an environment where an average person has never been to a theater because only a few of them exist across the country,  hosting such an event seemed like aiming for the moon, but like Niel Armstrong, we did it!

The story line revolves around Jude, a young boy who was sexually exploited by his male cousin, then the maid. Unfortunately, his parents were always too busy with their careers to notice or help him deal with it. The story highlighted the effects of these experiences on Jude, and the consequences of the actions of those around him when they find out about his ordeal. They could either mock him about this or encourage him to find help. All these was done using either rap or spoken word, with a live band playing music across different genres masterfully produced by Kraftmatics.

While we must admit that it wasn’t a perfect event as we had occasional glitches with the sound,  we are quite proud of what we were able to achieve at first attempt, and we are certain that if we ever stage “Eversion” again,  it would be much much better.

Our sincere appreciation goes to all our sponsors and everyone who supported us in one way or another. We are also grateful to everyone who came out to watch the show, thank you and God bless you. 
See you at next year’s concert!

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