Our Rhyme & Our Reason

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Our Rhyme

The central thing that drives each and everyone of us here, is simply LOVE. Love for our country, our youths, the arts and our fellow man, to name a few. Therefore, Rhyme and Reason is about creating a platform through which people, most especially younger people, can come together to creatively express themselves, highlighting issues and challenges that affect every area of their lives, with a view to proposing solutions by creating a positive narrative that resonates through the entire society and that creates meaningful impact.

We are thus a movement in the right direction that has chosen the creative arts such as the fast growing art form referred to as “Spoken Word” to give voice to our passion, share our experiences, our particular viewpoints and hopefully find common ground that is beneficial to all, as it resonates through every person. We all each have our particular rhyme (our passions) and our reasons. Therefore, we are all Rhyme and Reason.

We believe that a story, our words, our unique expression is powerful enough to bring about change. If we are bold, if we are AGILE, if we are consistent, then, we know that we can birth, drive and deliver the kind of society we all would be proud of. That is our Rhyme and our Reason!

Our Reason

To see our next generation empowered, edified and positively charged with taking the frontiers of this great nation beyond our imaginations.