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The Consortium is made up of inspired individuals and generally not-for-profit organisations, who have worked extensively with young people in Nigeria through a variety of projects. It is mainly comprised of the following organisations and individuals; STORM Ministries, GLB Enterprises, Atilola Moronfolu and an ever growing number of volunteers.

Storm Ministries

STORM Ministries was incorporated in Lagos in the year 2008 by Vincent Chiedu, author of “wisdom of the serpent” and other popular books, along with a competent and transparent Board of Trustees. The organisation has worked to give love, hope and restoration, as well as to improve the lives of the down trodden in society, by distributing food and other relevant gift items to street beggars, orphanages and hospices across the state. STORM Ministries is a not-for-profit organisation being run in conjunction with Pastor Ikemefuna and Awele Chiedu (HOTR).

GLB Enterprises

GLB Enterprises is a local promotional merchandising and branding company, supplying branded uniforms, innovative and qualitative promotional merchandise from across the globe. It owns the increasingly popular ‘InYaFace’ brand that produces inspirational t-shirts. The company which is owned and run by Ikemefuna Chiedu, contributes all the promotional materials for our events.


Atilola Moronfolu

Ms. Moronfolu is an accomplished Spoken Word artist of international repute, having represented Nigeria youths at the United Nations ‘UNAID’ conference in Geneva in 2013. She was invited by the United Nations to “shock their delegates into action”, concerning domestic violence in Nigeria, using the powerful medium of Spoken Word at their ‘UNAID PCB-Thematic Segment’ in Switzerland, 2013. She again represented Nigeria in a Poetry Slam competition in Brazil, 2014. Atilola is also a seasoned Entrepreneur and the Founder/CEO of ‘African Naturalistas’ and supports the consortium on both platforms. She also runs a weekly Spoken-Word Class for teenagers, which has produced two champions in major local competitions.



Our volunteers are a very special group of individuals that are very crucial to what we do. They make up the individuals that we love and serve and who in turn, have understood what were trying to do and have made up their minds to serve alongside us. They make up both the workforce and the clientele managing crucial assignments such as recruitment, on-site services at our events, publicity, sponsorships and e-mail marketing. They're made up of professionals, students, whole organisations and indeed any and everyone with passion and love in their hearts.  They bring expertise, verve, feet-on-the-ground, bums-on-seats and add fun to all that we do.