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Rhyme and Reason 2017: Eversion

For the very first time ever in Nigeria, RnR 2017 presented a Broadway-styled rap and spoken word musical themed “Eversion”.

The intention was to take drama to another level, as every dialogue in this masterfully scripted production was presented in either rap or spoken word.

Our star-packed cast included P4cm’s Ezekiel Azonwu, and some of Nigeria’s finest such as Daboomsha, Ami (formerly Provabs), Gamie and a host of others.

RnR 2017: Eversion

Eversion held on the 15th of July at the Lekki Coliseum. We had two shows: 3-5pm and 6-8pm on the same day.

The show was definitely one to see. None like it had ever happened before. Everyone that attended was glad they were a part of that moment in history.

Rhyme N Reason 2016: The Excision

The Dome, Lekki, Lagos, where a blinding light that is creative arts performed and expressed through Spoken Word, Rap, Song and Poetry, was witnessed, on the 11th June, 2016.

The Excision

There were performances from both local and foreign artists, including: Janette…ikz, Ezekiel Azonwu, Preston Perry, Jackie Hill Perry, Atilola, DJ Mordu, Plumbline, IBK Spaceship Boi, Gaise and Or.Raw.Day.



For all who where there, it was enlightening encounter, where the words of truth were used to cut out and remove whatever diseased mind-set we have gotten acquainted with. We all left knowing there was a higher and better standard to be attained.

Everyone was asking and eager to know when the next edition is coming up. After going through such an experience, they couldn’t wait to see what next we come up with.

We can’t wait either…




Rhyme N Reason 2014 Edition in a Wrap

The last edition of the “Rhyme and Reason concert” held a little over a year ago, 14th December 2014, at the prestigious Landmark Event center in Oniru. It was totally off the hook; simply put, AWESOME!!!

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Rhyme and Reason 2014

The event, which featured a fine blend of both foreign and the best of Nigerian rap and spoken word artists, kicked off with a strong spoken word delivery from Kruseaphix a rising star. Rooftop MCs, Provabs, Atilola, and Titilayo then gave mind blowing performances. A much-touted highlight of the event was when award winning rap artist, and grammy nominated Us rap artist, Da TRUTH graced the stage and set it ablaze with series of performances that had everyone moving. Ezekiel and Janette…ikz of P4CM did what they know how to do best, blowing the audience away by each delivering one powerful spoken word after another, touching the hearts and souls of everyone.

The audience were without doubt, served with an unforgettable and deeply satisfying experience. They testified to how glad they were to have been a part of the Rhyme and Reason Concert, and said they eagerly await the next edition.